The Heroes, Legends, and Greats of the Football League is a project I've been throwing around for almost 2 years. The mythology of football has always fascinated me. It amazes me that there were in the past, and continue to be, these incredible talents and personalities everywhere - playing in small villages, racking up hundreds of appearances, going off to, and returning from war, breaking colour barriers, and winning trophies in between.

I've looked into all of the clubs here and have tried to select those individuals who seem to have embodied the spirit of the club through duration of service, power of personality, and of course success, performance, and results. I do wish I had the knowledge to do this on my own, but alas, I do not. Therefore I will owe a debt of gratitude to all of the conversations with friends, supporter forums and stories you have all shared on both personal and fan sites. If by chance you don't find your club represented by the individual(s) you feel it should, please let me know. I'll be rolling out  a few each day. Thank you all and I truly hope you enjoy the project as much as I do.

Legends are posted in 3 formats below: Desktop, Mobile, & Tablet Wallpaper. Simply click on the Legend and the 3 options will appear for you to save. Enjoy!